Posted by: truejustmen | June 4, 2009

Welcome to the Blog!

Hello, Everyone!

Welcome to my new blog! I don’t wish to bore anyone with a long oration concerning the description of the blog.ย  Plenty of those speeches will present themselves later. ๐Ÿ™‚

I begin this blog to discuss Manhood. In my view, Manhood (capital M) is being lost and replaced with a wild, sneaky, masqueraded manhood (little m). Men are no longer acting like men but less and less every day. From being distracted by computer games to forgetting how to respect women, manhood is declining.

Mostly, I plan forย  this blog to relate some of my thoughts on the matter. It will contain articles concerning real Manhood as well as articles considering what is not truly manly. I have probably written some form of the word “man” too many times in these few paragraphs. Maybe now you will understand that it is truly a “manly” site. ๐Ÿ™‚

Basically, I wanted to share my thoughts concerning the “process of manhood”. I hope you all will enjoy it, find useful hints, and maybe learn a few things.

God bless you all!

~Joseph Wayne

P.S. The name of the blog refers to two ideas.

#1: That it is “true” that we men are “just” regular men.

#2: That we men of God are striving to be “True” and “Just” men of Christ.